There’s a lot to be inspired by on Vancouver’s North Shore, including the vibrant people who call this place home. Our surroundings have us feeling pretty good, between the ocean and the mountains, we're founded by North Shore locals for the local community. Fuelled by down-to-earth and positive people. Our team of teachers guide, challenge and motivate each ride, while set to the beat of the music that moves you.  These guys get it and it's simple, the music matters - it's got the power and it makes us stronger. 

These good folks - connect your heart to your mind, your mind to your body and your body to the ride.

Together we ride - Salted.


becky jasper

Salted founder, 2 time kiddo creator, North Shore local, the salted kind of sweat seeker, love warrior and believer.  

"The ride has me feeling all the feels, filled with moments of being with myself, really being with myself. It's just pure magic, the change and the cure. And when I give in and give it all up  - I get into that Salted state of mind."

Dig deep and tap into the fullest of full potential - the ride is YOURS.


JACLYN rinehart

Pizza enthusiast, animal rescuer, island explorer with a country soul.

"That beat, that beat and that beat, it's what keeps me coming back for more. I get lost in the energy of the moment."

Get exactly what you need, the love the strength, the fuel that powers the good stuff - YOU.

Sara H.jpg

SAra henderson

Bio coming soon…

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sara rabek

Bio coming soon…

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amanda protopappas

Bio coming soon…

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alix smith

Bio coming soon…

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andrea craig

Bio coming soon…

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jillian irvine

Bio coming soon…

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Passion led us here...

And we couldn’t do it without a village of people that surround us.
And to us when it all comes down to what matters most, it’s the people.
We’re 100% powered by them and inspired by them.

Possibility lives here:

+ Join our team of "Home base homies", who lead our rider experience at the studio. 

+ Instructor auditions - August 11, 2019

+ The Teacher Training Program | The Fall Salted TTP coming soon - it's a practice.

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