The SALTed exPeRieNCe

That heart of ours is the only one we’ve got, and we set to raise it up and get it beating daily.  The Salted experience is a 50 minute high intensity indoor cycling ride. Forward is the way, and that’s exactly the way we move in our cardio powered sessions. With a focus on form and making each moment matter, our team of teachers motivate riders, spark potential and fuel emotion. Music lovers unite, knockout playlists created to move each other somewhere new each and every ride. We get up and and we get down on the saddle to lift each other - the experience is yours.

Your time to tune out distractions and tune right into you. 





PARK AND RIDE: Roll on up to the studio with many options to park your ride. You'll find free one hour parking street side all along the Lower Lonsdale area. Or park in the impark lot conveniently located right below the studio. impark rates are $2.50 per hour.

RIDE BEFORE THE RIDE: Bike racks are located right outside our studio doors. 



EARLY IS THE NEW ON TIME:  Give yourself a little extra time and arrive 10 minutes before your ride. Once you arrive, we've got you covered. We’ll find your perfect fit in cycling shoes and get you all set up on the bike before class begins. 


NEW RIDER WAIVER: Safety first. Every new cyclist at Salted will need to sign off on the legal stuff and provide their contact information. Complete a New Rider Waiver and head to the bike, we provide you with a complete bike safety overview at the studio. Under 18? Make sure to bring a parent or guardian to the Salted studio so they can sign for you on your first day.



Lock it up while you ride in one of our Keyless lock lockers. Keep in mind to pack light; our change rooms are stocked with all our favourite things including fluffy towels and toiletries to have you feeling fresh throughout your day.



Adjust the bike for the perfect fit to enhance your ride. Our bikes can be set up in 3 simple ways:

  • Seat height

  • Fore/aft seat position

  • Handlebar height

 New riders, we’ve got your back. Get here early and we’ll get you set up safely on the bike. We'll record your settings in your member profile so when the bike fits you ride just right, every time.



When it comes to cycling shoes, we have plenty for you to wear on the house, every ride. Our shoes clip into the bike pedals for a safer and smoother ride. Have your own indoor cycling cleats? Salted bikes are compatible with SPD and Look Delta cleats. 



Bring your own canteen or grab a bottle at the studio; you won’t want to leave yourself waterless on the bike. We have water on tap on site, as well as bottled water for purchase to ensure you’re stocked up on hydration.



It’s our mission to make sure you sweat safely. Remember to always listen to your body and cycle at a pace that feels best for you. Our teachers are here to motivate you to challenge your physical self. Riders are encouraged to move at their own pace and avoid overexertion. Listen to your body and always hydrate – before, during and after class. Starting any cardio class or full-body workout fitness routine may warrant a consult with your doctor before you sign up. If something doesn’t feel right or if you have any questions during your first ride with any of our teachers, let us know right away. We’re dedicated to making sure you have a fun-filled, sweat inducing, and most importantly, happy and safe workout. 



Check-in early, Salted riders. Waiting until the last minute, may result in your spot being up for grabs by a walk-in or stand-by rider. Riders must be checked in at the front desk 4 minutes before class begins. If a bike becomes available with 4 minutes to spare it will be open to the next stand-by guest. We encourage you to give yourself enough time to arrive at the studio, change and clip in before we press play. 10 minutes before your ride, is suggested.



If your desired class is full, you can still ride on standby. Add yourself to the waitlist through the MINDBODY App, and when a spot becomes available, we’ll text you to let you know that there’s a spot waiting for you. Make sure you accept and confirm that you’ll be able to attend, or pass it on to the next rider on standby.



Can’t make it to your class? Cancellations can be made on the MINDBODY App up to 8 hours before the wheels start turning. This allows riders on stand-by enough time to lock in a spot so they can get their sweat on, too. If you choose to cancel after this period, a $10.00 late fee will be charged to your account and the class will not be refunded. Kindly note that this cancellation policy applies to all passes, including our limitless series memberships. As a Salted rider, if you’re unable to make a class, be courteous to those riders who are on stand-by and cancel your reservation within the 8 hour period. Reserved riders must check in with the front desk 4 minutes before the start of class, or their spot may be passed on to someone on standby. Please note riders will not be able to get on the bike once the class is in session.